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Ditsch and Brezelkönig have been part of Valora since October 1, 2012. Both specialise in lye-bread products, Ditsch in Germany and Brezelkönig in Switzerland.

Ditsch has been baking and selling lye bread since 1919. In 2000, the firm acquired Brezelkönig, a Swiss company, which it then systematically developed. Ditsch's head office is in Mainz, Brezelkönig is headquartered in Emmenbrücke. Production facilities are located in Mainz, Oranienbaum and Emmenbrücke. With some 240 outlets between them, Ditsch and Brezelkönig have a strong market presence in Germany and Switzerland. Both brands are popular, appealing to a wide demographic.

Points of Sale by countries (Total 248): Switzerland 41, Germany 207

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