Valora Retail

Small-outlet retail in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Austria

Valora Retail operates a network of kiosks and other small-outlet retail formats at heavily frequented sites in a number of European countries. Valora Retail provides a comprehensive marketing and distribution system for daily consumer staples, impulse-purchase items and immediate consumption.

Kiosks, bookshops, convenience stores and a distinctive coffee culture

Valora Retail operates kiosks and railway-station bookstores in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Austria. The division holds a leading position in each of these national markets. The range of products on sale at these outlets encompasses newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, food and non-food items, as well as a number of services. Our outlet network provides our retail partners with a highly effective platform for distributing their products internationally.

Valora Retail’s k kiosk format provides the division with a centre-stage position both in Switzerland - its domestic market – and in Germany and Luxembourg. In Switzerland additionally through Naville. In Switzerland and Germany, Valora’s brand Press & Books stands for competence and innovation in the market segment of books, magazines and newspapers. Under its avec. banner, Valora Retail also offers its customers fresh produce, daily consumer staples and impulse-purchase items long after most other shops have closed for the day. In Switzerland, Valora’s network of Italian-style Spettacolo coffee bars has established itself as one of the country’s leading coffee-bar chains.

Points of Sale by countries (Total 2'360): Switzerland (incl. franchising and agencies)  1'214, Germany (incl. franchising and partners) 1'066, Luxembourg 68, Austria 12

Strategic Brands

  • valora
  • k kiosk
  • avec.
  • Press & Books
  • Spettacolo
  • Ditsch
  • Brezelkoenig International
  • Brezelkoenig
  • Cigo
  • ServiceStore DB
  • bob Finance
  • ok.-
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