People Development is part of our formulated strategy because

People Development is part of our formulated strategy because

  • Employees are the most important resource in our companies
  • We find out and encourage our employees’ abilities: weaken weaknesses and strengthen their strengths.
  • We identify and systematically develop the available potential as a matter of course

In-house and external training and further education are important ways of helping our employees to advancen we encourage entrepreneurship at all levels internally recruited management staff shows much higher success rates.The starting point for the entire management development process is the employee interview which enables us to put them in jobs in which they use and develop their skills.

All employees with management potential are methodically identified in order to create an ongoing supply of junior managers.

People Development

A key element of the development process is our leadership training. With a number of different leadership programmes aligned to the different management levels, we provide advanced training for the existing and future leaders in management and at the sales front, where they are prepared for their future tasks. The education measures are performed by external subject specialists outside of the familiar surroundings. At the centre, there is the exchange of experience and a communication platform on the one hand, and the consolidation of the Valora corporate and management culture on the other.


Human Resources

We only consider online applications via the Valora Job Market.

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