The 7 Valora Leadership Principles

«Leadership means setting an example». Our company faces stiff competition every day. Every day, our customers make a new decision, either for or against Valora. This is the environment in which we each have a committed contribution to make. A contribution which will ensure that our customers remain satisfied or, even better, that they become more satisfied.

The quality of the co-operation between our employees is important to us. We are building a working atmosphere which fosters contentment and personal development. This is a duty which all those in leadership positions at Valora share. The leadership principles set out below aim to inspire our work as leaders and to guide us in our day-to-day behaviour. These principles apply to all Valora employees equally, irrespective of their location or business area, and irrespective of their function.

We encourage and expect entrepreneurial initiative. Our guiding principle is:
«One company – one share».

7 Principles

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