Value proposition



People are eating out more. While travelling, commuting or between appointments. Valora is responding to this trend. First, by expanding the range its network of outlets offering food and beverages for instant consumption (Ditsch and Brezelkönig). Second, by systematically modernising its traditional retail formats such as k kiosk and adding new food, beverage and service lines to the range of products they offer. These initiatives have been very much welcomed by our customers.



Life has become busier. Time is in short supply. That is why it is useful to have services that make day-today living easier, adding a little convenience. Simple, easy solutions that we can quickly access wherever we are. Valora has been successful in offering an everexpanding range of such services at its outlets. Examples include MoneyGram funds transfer and a pick-up / drop-off package service. These will soon be complemented by new payment and financial services. Services are in demand and will becoming increasingly important in the years ahead.



Physical locations are not the only places where customers come across brands. Shopping sprees nowadays are not to limited bricks- and mortar outlets. Often, they take place online and at any hour of the day or night. That is where the future potential for the classical retail sector lies. Valora intends to make more of that potential, by increasing the number of relevant touchpoints. In future, more customers should be engaged online and then served in a shop. Valora wants to generate greater customer footfall from this increased online traffic. Even greater attention will be paid to the importance of the internet and social networks. This may also extend to offers that are available only online.



Retail is a competitive market. Achieving a strong competitive position is thus a key objective for every retailer. Agility, innovation and a comprehensive market presence are critical. Thanks to Ditsch and Brezelkönig, Valora has at its centre a business model which combines an integrated value chain with global activities encompassing nearly 30 countries. The excellent and consistent quality of Ditsch and Brezelkönig’s products speaks for itself, as do their regular innovations, continuous improvements and remarkable popularity. All this has helped to ensure that they have rapidly become a decisive factor in Valora’s business success.