The seven Valora management principles

The seven Valora management principles

Our company is competing on a daily basis: every day, our customers decide anew to choose or bypass Valora. In this climate we all make a dedicated contribution to maintaining the level of our customers’ satisfaction; or, better still, to increasing it. The quality of the collaboration between our employees is important to us. We create a work climate that promotes job satisfaction and personal development. This is something that all Valora managers are committed to.

The following management principles are provided as inspiration for our management work and serve as safeguards for our day-to-day conduct. They apply in equal measure to all Valora employees, irrespective of where they are based, which business area they work in, or what role they hold.

We promote and stipulate free enterprise and keep the following guiding principle always in mind: «One Group – One Company».

1. Principle
1. Our thinking and actions are focused on the customer

Our market environment is subject to constant change. New sales channels, evolving customer needs, new competitors. Change is a constant feature of our day-to-day business life.

We see changes as opportunities. The focus is always on the needs and wishes of our customers. These are what drive necessary change for our company – change which we are flexible, open-minded and courageous in recognising, analysing and implementing. This principle also applies to all those who provide internal services which do not involve direct contact with end customers.

2. Principle
2. We set priorities and concentrate on our goals

As Valora managers, we have a clear vision for our company and are familiar with our long-term objectives. In our leadership roles, we set clear priorities for our staff. We concentrate on essentials.

This in turn enables us to help our staff set their priorities correctly, devoting their energies first to those tasks which are decisive to ensuring our long-term success.

3. Principle
3. We define our goals according to the SMART principle

We apply the SMART principle to setting and encouraging our staff to set ambitious objectives. SMART means:

S – short (expressed concisely)
M – measurable
A – achievable
R – realistic
T – time-bound (with schedules and deadlines)

Clear delegation requires goals to be well formulated. Only when something is clear, can it be successfully put into effect. SMART objectives are the hallmark of the good leadership which we aim to achieve throughout Valora.

4. Principle
4. We are competent and consistent when making decisions and delegating tasks

A critical element in our success is good co-operation between different people and different business areas.

We promote responsible employees who think entrepreneurially and carry out their work with initiative, commitment and reliability.

As Valora managers, we motivate our employees by delegating decision-making authority in an appropriate manner. By supporting our staff and providing them with what they need to get the job done, we foster mutual trust.

5. Principle
5. We communicate openly and with respect

As leaders we set an example. We want to work with people whom we trust and with whom we are able to communicate directly and constructively. Our own conduct as leaders sets the standard for our staff, particularly in demanding situations. That is why we listen to our colleagues and communicate with them openly, honestly and with respect.

6. Principle
6. We address conflicts directly and with a view to resolving them

We recognise conflicts early, immediately addressing them in a proactive and solutiondirected manner, so that they do not develop further. The longer a problem goes unrecognised, or is ignored, the greater the effort required to restore constructive cooperation. Good leadership thus means identifying sources of conflict early, and seeking dialogue with those involved immediately – even if it sometimes requires a degree of courage to be the first to address an issue which is causing conflict.

7. Principle
7. We learn from mistakes

We understand and accept our various strengths and weaknesses. As Valora managers, we enable our staff to learn from mistakes. We constantly evaluate the possible consequences of mistakes our staff could make.

Making a decision in uncertain circumstances requires courage. It is also often better than making no decision or deciding too late. Wherever people work, mistakes will occur. We are aware of this and accept it. We therefore work to minimise risks and the incidence of errors by always thinking ahead and always constructively discussing any errors which do occur.