«Good quality at a good price is always ok»

Useful products and services which make everyday life more enjoyable

Good things at reasonable prices. This Valora own brand is designed for a young and price-sensitive customer group.

The trendy young brand offers high quality products at reasonable prices

The ok.– brand is fresh and brazen and stands out particularly through clever and witty advertising slogans. From energy drinks, water, chocolate and cookies to sunglasses, umbrellas and much more – all products are definitely ok.

ok.– Switzerland   ok.– Germany   ok.– Austria


ok.–, the Valora brand for the convenience and service sector, is well positioned through attractive quality products at fair prices with a modern packaging design. All our products are available at k kiosk, P&B and avec. in Switzerland.


ok.– is the clever underdog: it stands in the shadow of the name brands but is nevertheless a superhero – thanks to the outstanding value for money it offers. You'll find ok.– products in k presse + buch, CIGO, DB Stores, P&B and U-Store shops throughout Germany.


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