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Press & Books

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Wide press and selected book offers as well as tailored services.

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P&B and k presse + buch are the press and book specialist retailers at train stations and airports. Each shop carries up to 10,000 books of all kinds, predominantly best-sellers / classics / non-fiction books/ illustrated books / cookbooks / top English-language books / travel guides / audio books. The shops are also linked to a 24-hour ordering service that has 2 million book titles in stock. P&B and k presse + buch also offer a wide range of newspapers and magazines – more than 11,000 from over 30 countries.

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The shop concept that serves a huge variety of reading tastes. With shops located at more than 30 key public transport hubs, P&B inspires and enriches the journeys of commuters, tourists and other types of customers every day. The broad and deep range of magazines is unique and represents the shop format's core area of expertise  – something which is particularly appreciated by both travellers and a large number of regular customers.


As specialist booksellers in train stations and airports, P&B and k presse + buch operate throughout Germany. You'll never need to go without your favourite books, newspapers or magazines again.


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