Strategy programme of Valora group

The Valora 4 Success strategy programme, which the Group successfully implemented between 2008 and 2010, was a concerted series of turnaround initiatives which enabled Valora to increase its profitability significantly. Building on those foundations, the Group then implemented its Valora 4 Growth strategy. This programme, carried out between 2010 and 2012, encompassed a number of successful acquisitions which have provided the basis for further expansion of the Group’s core businesses in the years ahead.

Valora – Close, simple, immediate

This strategy programme aims to focus Valora’s energies on its core retail expertise and on fully realising the Group’s outstanding potential.

Focus on the Group’s core areas of expertise – the objective is:

  • to strengthen the activities of its Valora Retail division and make the most of the outstanding potential provided by the ideally positioned portfolio of formats the Group has now assembled.

Valora’s objective is to become a leading European trading company

  • An outstanding outlet portfolio and a range of appealing formats at top locations
  • Market leader for lye-bread products with a vertically integrated business model

Strengthening the Retail division’s activities

  • Integrating the companies Valora has acquired
  • Optimising the Group’s format and outlet portfolio now comprising some 2,600 retail sites
  • Extending Valora’s product range in the food, beverage and instant-consumption categories by adding innovative products and services
  • Increasing the proportion of the Group’s outlets operated on a franchise or agency basis
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