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Ditsch / A passion for lye-baked goods

The pretzel bakers at Ditsch GmbH pride themselves on three generations of “pretzel experience”. This special expertise soon became renowned beyond our home town of Mainz and earned great recognition in the bakery sector. Today, we produce the most diverse types of pretzels: besides Swabian, Bavarian and Bavarian-Swabian pretzels, and pretzels with and without a cut, our range also includes pretzels pre-filled with butter. We also produce other lye-dipped specialities such as pretzel sticks, pretzel rolls or pretzel knots.

You can taste our love of pretzels!

On the way to work, in your lunch break or whenever you are out and about and fancy a snack, we are there for you with our 200 stores. But you can also enjoy the hearty taste of our diverse range at home: a wide range of deep-frozen, part-baked lye-dipped bakery goods can be found in supermarkets too.

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