ServiceStore DB — «For now. For later. For me.»

ServiceStore DB —
«For now. For later. For me.»

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Convenience format in Deutsche Bahn locations for commuters’ everyday needs.

ServiceStore DB

«For now. For later. For me.»

Through its operation of ServiceStore DB, Valora is adapting to a growing market segment and rising demand for unplanned and convenient purchases of products for immediate consumption. The locations at smaller and average-sized Deutsche Bahn stations thus observe long and flexible opening hours. The classic ServiceStore DB convenience offering targets commuters, travellers, students, school-age pupils and residents.

The convenience stores keep an extensive selection of oven-fresh baked goods, sandwiches and small snacks. In addition, the stores offer coffee specialities, cool drinks, sweets, tobacco and press products as well as services, for example tickets for sale.

ServiceStore DB is a Deutsche Bahn brand and concept. Valora has been an operating partner since 2012. The first 24/7 Service Store was opened in Ahrensburg near Hamburg in 2021, which is operated autonomously around the clock.

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ServiceStore DB

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