Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

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Valora’s sustainability strategy is based on a materiality analysis in which eight relevant topics were identified, prioritised and validated in a multi-stage process. Seven topics were then clustered and assigned to three pillars: People, Planet, Products.

The eighth relevant topic, cultural change as an enabler, together with stakeholder engagement and innovation, forms the basis for implementing the sustainability strategy. It is therefore managed as an interdisciplinary topic.

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Becoming an attractive place
to work for everyone

  • Fair Working Conditions
  • Talents & Careers


Becoming a
climate-neutral company

  • Food Waste
  • Energy & Climate


Becoming the go-to place
for sustainable foodvenience

  • Ecofriendly & Fair Products
  • Healthy Choices
  • Packaging

Supply chain

In 2021, Valora carried out a footprint analysis to better understand the environmental impacts and social risks in its value chain. Based on purchasing data and average values per product group, CO2 equivalents, pollutants as well as land and water use were modelled. Social risk hours are also included, i.e. hours worked at the risk of human rights violations. The footprint analysis enables Valora to identify levers and hotspots at all levels of the supply chain and address them in a targeted manner.

Sustainable development goals

In its initiatives, Valora is actively addressing eight of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are no other relevant SDGs to which a foodvenience provider could make a relevant contribution. Valora’s sustainability strategy therefore aligns with the focus of the goals set by the United Nations.

The sustainability report provides detailed information on Valora’s strategy, measures, objectives and progress in implementation.

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