ok.–, «Good quality at a good price is always ok»

«It's ok.–»

ok.– / High-quality products at cheap prices

ok.– is the trendy and smart companion of young mobile people and stands for a dynamic, urban and independent lifestyle.

The trendy young brand offers high quality products at reasonable prices

The ok.– brand is fresh and brazen and stands out particularly through clever and witty advertising slogans. From energy drinks, water, chocolate and cookies to sunglasses, umbrellas and much more – all products are definitely ok.


The attractive ok.– products for the convenience and service sector, is well positioned through attractive quality product at fair prices in a modern packaging design. All our products are available at k kiosk, P&B and avec in Switzerland.

ok.– Switzerland


Valora Retail Switzerland
Valora Retail, ok.–
Hofackerstrasse 40
4132 Muttenz

+41 61 467 20 20


ok.– is the clever underdog. Standing in the shadows of brand articles, it performs a super-hero function thanks to its outstanding value for money. The ok.– products can be found exclusively at the following stores: Press & Books, k presse + buch, cigo, k kiosk, ServiceStore DB, U-Store and avec.

ok.– Germany


Valora Retail Germany
Danziger Str. 35a
20099 Hamburg

+49 40 280 156-0


Great products at a reasonable price. The Valora own brand is aimed at a younger and price-sensitive audience.

ok.– Austria


Valora Retail Austria GmbH & Co KG
Press & Books
Daniel-Gran-Straße 48/EG
3100 St.Pölten