Caffè Spettacolo, «Caffè e Passione»

«Caffè e Passione»

Caffè Spettacolo / The pleasant coffee bar with an Italian flair for passionate and instant enjoyment

Italian coffee culture reinterpreted: Caffè Spettacolo offers a little piece of Italy to suit every taste and occasion. Our guests experience special moments of pleasure and enjoyment every day.

A journey of the senses

With some 30 locations, Caffè Spettacolo is the largest coffee bar chain in Switzerland. Caffè Spettacolo offers a specially selected range of products inspired by Italy and is popular among customers of all ages. The coffee bar chain continually updates its product range in line with the latest food trends, and it also surprises its customers with its own innovations, such as the first remote ordering app in Switzerland.

Caffè Spettacolo Switzerland