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Further questions?

In the following selected general questions with respect to the voluntary public takeover offer by FEMSA ("Bidder") to the shareholders of Valora (the "Company") are answered.

Please note, that only the offer document for the takeover offer, which is available at is legally binding. Valora shareholders are therefore strongly advised to view the offer document and all other relevant documents regarding the offer.

Is Valora already owned by FEMSA?

No, FEMSA just submitted a binding all-cash offer to purchase all publicly held shares of Valora. It will still take a few months to complete the transaction.

How long will the process run?

We expect the closing to take place end of September or beginning of October 2022.

Do you expect any antitrust issues?

No. FEMSA is currently not present in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. Valora will be integrated into FEMSA as its new European affiliate.

Why should Valora be sold?

It is a perfect match of two parties. The proactive consolidation of the European market requires scale, financial and human resources. Hence, Valora needed a larger partner to accelerate its efforts. FEMSA on the other hand wants to enter the European market and discovered Valora as a leading company to be their new nucleus to conquer Europe.

What will the new company name be?

There is no new company name. Valora will remain Valora. This is an important advantage for FEMSA and therefore no adjustments are needed here either, because the Valora corporate brand is well established.

Where will the new company be headquartered?

Valora remains Valora. The locations will not be affected by the envisaged transaction and hence also the headquarter of Valora remains in Muttenz.

Is the CHF 260 offered per share adequate?

The CHF 260 per share imply a premium of 57.3% to the VWAP and 52.0% to the closing price of 4 July, 2022. An independent analysis ordered by Valora’s Board confirms the fairness of the offer, which reflects a sharing of the upside for the new partnership between existing Valora shareholders and the future owner.

What should I do with my Valora shares?

You do not have to do anything. You will be contacted by your bank with instructions on how to proceed with your shares.

Will there be any restructuring and job losses because of the deal?

Because Valora will become FEMSA's European platform and because FEMSA does not have its own structures here, no restructuring or downsizing measures are necessary. The transaction is rather a major opportunity for both partners to grow together. The plan is hence rather in an expansion throughout Europe and a cross-fertilization of existing competencies and opportunities.

Will any locations close because of the deal?

There is no current overlap between Valora and FEMSA. The existing locations are a very solid base to build the envisaged European expansion upon them.

Will there be a cultural change at Valora?

Valora remains Valora and so does its corporate culture. On the other hand, such transactions always represent outstanding opportunities to look and think outside the box. It brings the opportunity to learn from new teammates and their potentially different, innovative ways of doing business.

Will there be career opportunities for Valora staff at other locations now?

FEMSA and Valora aim to proactively consolidate the European market and grow into other regions. This is expected to bring new opportunities in a growing international group – for those who want to do so and strive to move abroad.

How will the deal impact any customers or franchise partners and potential contractual relationships?

Valora remains Valora and so Valora’s relationships and deals remain Valora's relationships and deals. Until the transaction will be closed, business will anyway continue as usual.

Where do I find additional documents on the transaction?

You will find all relevant documents related to the transaction on the following website: The prospectus can be ordered from Credit Suisse at

Who should I contact in case of any questions?

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact the team at Valora

or at FEMSA

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For further information regarding the transaction, please visit FEMSA's website

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