Valora Group: only barn-laid and free-range eggs to be used in Valora products

29.06.2018 / 09:00 / Misc, Stories

The Valora Group has decided to offer products exclusively with barn-laid or free-range eggs in the future. This will apply to all its products by 2020 at the latest, according to the agreement between Valora and the organisation The Humane League.

Valora is aware of the significance of origin and production method for foodstuffs and ingredients. The company therefore aims to amend its product range and exclusively use barn-laid or free-range eggs in its produce by 2020 at the latest. This applies to shell and ingredient eggs. Valora has entered into an agreement to that effect with the animal rights organisation The Humane League. The agreement applies both to Valora's own production as well as to products and ingredients supplied by third-party providers. The convenience and food service provider is thus committing to completely excluding cage-laid eggs from its global supply chain.

Most of Valora's products already comply with this standard. The company is therefore convinced that it will be able to implement the agreement Group-wide by no later than 2020. It applies to all Valora's business segments and all countries where the company operates (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and the US).

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