Valora: Expanded coffee offering with Spettacolo and Starbucks in partnership with Selecta

05.02.2016 / 09:00 / Misc, Shareholder, Stories

For many customers of Valora's various retail formats, that daily cup of coffee is one of the things they most enjoy. To make that experience even more pleasurable, Valora will significantly enhance its expertise in this area, further improving the quality and freshness of its coffee. Starting in February 2016, Valora will systematically revamp the coffee offering available at 700 of the 1,300 outlets it currently operates in Switzerland.

In accordance with its strategy of focusing on the convenience retail sector and responding to current consumer trends such as the preference for freshness, Valora is constantly adapting its offering to meet the requirements of its urban, mobile clientele. Thanks to its comprehensive Swiss outlet network, Valora is already the preferred coffee destination for some 900,000 customers every day. For more than fifteen years now, the Spettacolo brand has also provided Valora with a popular chain of dedicated coffee bars. This will now be expanded, with additional outlets in Switzerland and the first Spettacolo openings in Germany.

Valora will roll out the new shop-in-shop modules selling the popular Spettacolo and Starbucks coffee brands at outlets across its Swiss retail network. The new modules at these outlets will be selling a wide range of fresh coffee specialities, providing their customers with an even more individualised selection. By the end of this year, new Starbucks shop-in-shop modules will be installed in up to 100 Valora outlets, thus appealing to new customer groups, while the popular Spettacolo coffee units will be rolled out to some 600 k kiosk, P&B, Naville and avec. stores. Valora has chosen Selecta, leading full-service provider in this area, as its exclusive partner for the construction and maintenance of all these new modules.

The aim of this new initiative is to establish Valora outlets, particularly those in heavily frequented locations, as coffee destinations in their own right.