Lekkerland and Valora establish joint purchasing unit

11.07.2013 / 07:00 / Shareholder, Stories

As part of their respective business strategies, Lekkerland and Valora have decided to establish Emere AG as a new joint purchasing unit. The objective of this collaboration is to enable both companies to enhance their competitive positions by combining their purchasing activities.

The agreement will enable the two partners both to achieve economies of scale and further to professionalise their purchasing operations. For Valora, the move has the added advantage of placing greater internal emphasis on category-management functions, enabling the firm to respond faster to new market trends. Lekkerland will also be able to adapt its product ranges to changing consumer needs more rapidly, as well achieving prices and conditions which are even more competitive. Thanks to this agreement, Lekkerland, as a specialist convenience-store supplier, will further develop its wholesaling expertise along the entire „Convenience 2020 – Agenda for Success“ value chain, thus continuing to focus on expanding its core business.

Emere AG will act as a pure service company. Its activities will be limited to negotiating joint basic purchasing terms for a defined range of products sourced from a defined list of suppliers in Switzerland. It will not handle cigarette purchasing or private-label products for either Valora or Lekkerland.

Emere AG will be established as a company under Swiss law. Valora and Lekkerland will each hold 50 percent of its shares.