Valora launches new sandwich range in Switzerland

01.07.2013 / 07:00 / Ad hoc announcement pursuant to art. 53 LR, Shareholder

Starting today, more than 300 k kiosks will be selling their own new range of k kiosk sandwiches. The move enables Valora to extend the food offering available at its Swiss k kiosk outlets and to participate in the growing market for food consumed outside the home.

Hitherto, the k kiosk brand has primarily stood for press, tobacco and lottery products. Valora intends to change this perception in the future by placing greater emphasis on the k kiosk food offering. The launch of a dedicated new sandwich line, with its own k kiosk label, is a further step in this direction. Valora is adding fresh sandwiches to the range of products on sale at its k kiosk outlets, thus positioning itself in a growing market.

Valora is launching a new range of sandwiches, based on its own recipes, under the well-known k kiosk banner. Classical cheese, tuna fish and chicken sandwiches will be complemented by offerings which change each month, thus bringing a touch of individuality, variety and seasonality to the new range. Sandwich recipes from beyond Switzerland's borders will also be on offer. Falafel sandwiches, for example, will add some Eastern spice to the food products on sale at k kiosks. The sandwiches' packaging will use simple colour coding to enable customers easily to find what they are looking for, with red for meat, blue for fish and green for vegetarian fillings. The red packages, for example, will provide a variety of sandwiches aimed at ensuring meat lovers always find what they want. Sandwiches will be offered in several price categories, thus making something available for every budget.

By adopting a „fresh for you“ concept, Valora is positioning itself to offer a new and competitive option for those looking for something to eat while they are out and about. The new sandwiches will be available at more than 300 k kiosks from early July.

In addition to launching its new sandwich range, Valora will also be giving a thorough makeover to the first 100 of its k kiosks, thus lending a new look to these outlets. The design of the new k kiosks will also allocate more space to the food area. Continuous extension of the range of food items on offer, along with the new k kiosk design, will make food an important element in the overall k kiosk concept, thus helping to boost sales at kiosk outlets.

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