Fresh snacks from BackWerk and Ditsch now available at EG Deutschland petrol stations

24.09.2019 / 15:25 / Stories

Valora Food Service Deutschland and EG Deutschland initiate cooperation at petrol stations in Frankfurt and Cologne.

Valora Food Service Deutschland and EG Deutschland, a subsidiary of the global EG Group, have started a pilot project in Cologne and Frankfurt whereby BackWerk and Ditsch shops upgrade petrol stations to one-stop shopping destinations. EG Deutschland is thus transferring its already successful strategy in Great Britain of uniting several strong food brands at one petrol station location to Germany for the first time. In October 2018, the British petrol station operator EG Group acquired the Esso petrol station network in Germany comprising about 1,000 sites throughout the country.

Quality and price positioning provide petrol stations with new impetus

EG Deutschland wants to use prominent food brands to attract more customers, both motorists and non-motorists, to its petrol stations. Valora and its consumer brands BackWerk and Ditsch are the ideal partner for this venture.

A 12-month pilot project will run from September at three locations in Cologne and Frankfurt: there will be a BackWerk shop at Höninger Weg, Neustadt-Süd in Cologne and two points of sale (BackWerk and Ditsch) at Königsteiner Straße & Rheinlandstraße in Frankfurt.

Karl Brauckmann, Managing Director of Valora Food Service Germany, is enthusiastic about the partnership: “As an expert in modern foodvenience with its pretzel baker Ditsch and BackWerk brands, Valora is well placed to give new impetus to the petrol station market. Our quality, variety and price positioning enable us to offer more to customers who have previously avoided petrol stations due to their inadequate offering and high prices.”

Attractive food offering for petrol stations

The brands are integrated within the petrol stations as a shop-in-shop system, similar to a food court concept. This makes the locations inviting to customers so they can spend time there and enjoy the extensive culinary selection available to them.

Customers can choose from the proven and popular BackWerk and Ditsch ranges, BackWerk specialises in sandwiches and rolls, pastries, hot top-selling snacks, such as hot dogs or crunchy chicken and fair trade coffee. Ditsch offers fresh, oven-warm pretzels, seed pretzels, savoury and vegetarian pizza and gratinated pretzel breadsticks.

Besides the extensive range of snacks offered by BackWerk and Ditsch, there are traditional baked products including fresh rolls, bread, butter croissants and pastries for local weekend shopping.

Petrol stations: welcoming places to stop for a snack

EG Deutschland and Valora share a long-term vision. Katja Vollmer, the project manager at Valora, is convinced: “We want to use our attractive food range and expertise to convert the classical petrol station into a pleasant place where people like to stop for a while. We are firmly convinced that we will attract more people to petrol stations as a result.”