111 k kiosk sales outlets successfully renovated – target exceeded

27.12.2013 / 09:30 /

Valora Retail has been renewing Swiss k kiosk sales outlets since the beginning of the year. With 111 building conversions, the stated target of 100 conversions for 2013 has been exceeded. Thanks to a larger product range and a shop concept with a clear layout, the new sales outlets are operating successfully and are well received by the customers.

In December, in deep snow, one of the last k kiosk sales outlets for this year was converted in St. Moritz. The target set for 2013 was 100 renovations. Now, with 111 modernised shops, this target has clearly been exceeded. In the course of this year, the renovations of the k kiosk sales outlets – which commenced at the beginning of 2013 – have led the involved employees through the whole of Switzerland.

With the new product range and modernised layout, the concept is a response to the changing needs of society. This includes a larger offer of alcohol-free cold beverages as well as a new select range of coffees with a number of different specialities such as Cappuccino, Caffè Latte or Macchiato, as well as hot chocolate or a large number of tea varieties. All of these can now be found at k kiosk. With the extended range of food on offer, the k kiosk sandwiches, with a new packaging and improved recipe, are particularly worthy of mention. In addition to this, in most of the k kiosk sales outlets, there is a daily offering of freshly baked goods such as croissants, bread rolls or confectionery. The new service offerings also play a prominent role in the refurbished sales outlets. Be it the parcel service, the successful ok.- prepaid MasterCard, iTunes or the new Zalando gift card. In addition, the offer of tobacco accessories is expanded.

“The evaluation of the refurbished sales outlets shows encouraging figures, with strong growth in the food area and increasing customer frequency,” says Michel Gruber, Head of Sales at k kiosk. Both customers and the staff in the k kiosk sales outlets commented positively. The expansion of the product range is well received. The new concept has a fresh appeal and clear layout. This success story will be continued: Another 100 k kiosk sales outlets will be renovated in 2014.