Brezelbäckerei Ditsch GmbH presents new Store Design

13.09.2013 / 11:00 /

Ditsch also optically reinforces its will to expand and opens its first branch in a new store design. The modern layout is based on a strategic redesign of the Ditsch brand positioning.

The Ditsch shops of the future are dominated by clear lines that consciously forego the use of distracting elements. This leads to a “tidy look” that is aligned to the customers' needs. New “icons” in the menu board allow rapid visual capture of the individual product ranges and offers. The overall impression should convey a pleasant combination of traditional and modern elements. New architectural elements are deployed for this purpose. Light wood and a sophisticated lighting concept ensure warmth and a cosy atmosphere. The new store design offers a modular processing of different surface sizes and as such a high degree of flexibility, depending on the location situation. All functionalities that are needed to ensure a smooth service will remain in the perfection known hitherto.

The described (design) re-launch is the result of a strategic redesign of Ditsch's brand positioning. For this purpose, an internal team as well as external professional service providers worked together, utilising both qualitative and quantitative research. Following this, an English design agency “translated” the positioning in a real shop layout. The source of inspiration was the British city of London, as the melting pot for new retail developments.

At the pilot site “Mainz/Römerpassage”, which celebrated its reopening “in its new look” on the 22nd of August 2013, the customer reactions are awaited in the first step, after which adjustments will be made. The first reactions have been very positive. As of October 2013, successively, all re-openings will follow in the new look. Existing subsidiaries will be remodelled step-by-step.

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