Brezelkönig expanding internationally – Additional store openings in Vienna and Paris

17.12.2015 / 09:00 /

The expansion of Valora's well-known fresh-produce and bakery products format is progressing according to plan. After opening its first outlet in Vienna in the spring of 2015, the popular pretzel bakery has now set up shop in Paris.

In late April 2015, Brezelkönig opened its first international outlet at the Donauzentrum in Vienna, building on the strong reputation it already enjoys in Switzerland for its fresh-produce and lyebread offering. The products and their quality rapidly found favour with Viennese consumers, and the Vienna outlet was soon generating a good turnover. Adapting the product range to suit local tastes was a key factor in this initial success. Two additional outlets have since been opened in Vienna, with enthusiastic pretzel bakers now also serving customers in Vössendorf and Meidling.

Brezelkönig's stated plan for international expansion continues apace, with the first two Brezelkönig outlets now providing Paris with a unique new tasting experience. Located in the Italie 2 and O'Parinor shopping centres, the two new outlets will deliver incomparable enjoyment to their new Parisian customers with their offering of croissants, sandwiches and, of course, pretzels. All the sauces and toppings are made with local ingredients, thus appealing to French tastes. An exclusive feature of the Paris stores is that all products with a meat content (sandwiches, hot dogs etc.) will be offered with halal meat.

Brezelkönig plans to continue expanding its outlet networks in the metropolitan Vienna and Paris areas, and the successful lyebread specialist is also evaluating projects for other large European cities.