Brezelkönig expanding to Austria: First branch successfully opened

30.04.2015 / 14:00 /

Brezelkönig opened the first branch in Vienna, Austria, at the end of April. The market leader for pretzel dough products continues its story of success with this step. It is planned to continue international expansion with the up-and-coming format in future.

At the end of April 2015, Brezelkönig AG opened the first branch in the Viennese Donauzentrum centre in Austria. A first step in the international expansion and an important milestone for the brand.

The format, which is exceptionally successful in Switzerland, has been developed further for the expansion. The result is a modern adaptation: The appearance has been rejuvenated, the sales outlet appears with a clear "Look and Feel". The pretzel dough offer has been adapted to the local circumstances and is strongly oriented to that of the Swiss branches.

In the coming weeks, important experience is to be collected in Vienna with the new format, to further promote the expansion. Because the success story of Brezelkönig should not end in Vienna.