Digital Day: selfieccino, Valora's personalised coffee-to-go

24.10.2018 / 09:00 /

Valora is an official partner of the second Swiss Digital Day on 25 October 2018. Visitors can have their selfie printed in the foam of their cappuccino at Valora's stand at Zurich main station. The voucher for this is available in the k kiosk app. With the selfieccino, Valora is demonstrating once again how innovative digital solutions can be used to create new customer experiences.

Two big trends are currently dominating the retail trade. Firstly, the growing mobility of the population is giving rise to a need for food-to-go, so that people can eat while out and about, and secondly, customers' demands for a personalised shopping experience are spilling over into the offline world.

On the second Swiss Digital Day on 25 October 2018, the foodvenience provider Valora will playfully engage with these trends. The selfieccino is a cappuccino with a selfie printed in the foam using flavourless food colouring. Visitors are invited to take a photo of the finished artwork and to share the photo on social media – with the tag #CaffeSpettacolo #SwissDigitalDay. Visitors can get Caffè Spettacolo's coffee-to-go for free by downloading a voucher in the k kiosk app, which can also be given to someone else as a gift.

Improved customer experience and customer loyalty

Valora is one of the retailers who have recognised the opportunities afforded by digitalisation for improving customers' experience and loyalty. The result is innovative solutions such as the k kiosk app, which serves customers as a digital loyalty card and gives them access to discounts and vouchers. They can use these themselves, or give them to friends. Another example is the ok.– button, which allows customers to order energy drinks and iced tea for delivery at home or the office at the press of a button.

Thanks to digitalisation, Valora can now also offer completely new payment methods: with bob pay, customers can buy products online and pay for them at a sales outlet of k kiosk or Press & Books. And what's more, digitalisation enables new pick-up/drop-off services by Valora's dense network of sales outlets, such as Swisscom easy point. Ready-to-use hardware or SIM cards ordered online can be picked up from these shops, even on the weekend.

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