Disclosure of shareholdings as required by Swiss stock exchange regulation

25.08.2012 / 07:00 /

According to a statement it made on August 23, 2012 Pictet Funds S.A., Route des Acacias 60, 1211 Genève, Switzerland through their funds Pictet Swiss Mid Small Cap (2.24%), Pictet (CH) Enhanced Swiss Equities (0.21%), Pictet Institutional Swiss Equities Tracker (0.18%), Pictet (CH) Swiss Market Tracker (0.14%), Ethos – Equities CH Indexed Corporate Governance (0.10%), Pictet-Ethos (CH) Swiss Sustainable Equities (0.03%), Raiffeisen Index Fonds (0.02%), Pictet (CH) Swiss Equities (0.02%), Subvenimus Institutional Fund (0.01%) informed that they decreased their total shareholdings in registered shares of Valora Holding AG to 2.94% (82’205 registered shares) on August 22, 2012. The contact person is Michel Sermet, Pictet Funds S.A., Route des Acacias, 1211 Genève, Switzerland.