Grand Opening of the 200 th Brezelbäckerei Ditsch Subsidiary

07.03.2014 / 11:10 /

On 6 March 2014, the Brezelbäckerei Ditsch GmbH opened its 200th subsidiary in Berlin's Ostbahnhof train station. High-ranking guests of the Deutsche Bahn AG, Valora AG and numerous reporters were celebrating this milestone in the company's history, on-site and together with the Ditsch team.

Since its founding in Mainz in 1919, and in the course of the last 95 years, the traditional supplier of pretzel specialities, pizzas and croissants has developed into a highly professional to go system provider and specialist for small outlet, high-frequency locations – especially at train stations – that operates throughout Germany. More than 60 subsidiaries already exist at train stations throughout Germany. Apart from the Rhine-Main home region and Hamburg, the German capital, with 30 subsidiaries in the metropolitan area of Berlin, is an absolute Ditsch stronghold.

To take account of the growing competition in the snack market, and also with the purpose of counteracting an overageing of the store concept, a multinational, internal team was commissioned in 2013, with the purpose of defining the appearance of the future Ditsch subsidiaries. The process lasted 6 months and also involved the assistance of a London design agency.

The new Ditsch store design offers a promising system that is characterised by a strong cutback to the essentials. Trend-setting elements are, among others, a menu board with internationally understandable icons, the staging of the products (especially the pretzels, which, directly before the customers' eyes, slide into the pretzel container straight from the wire mesh oven) as well as a high-contrast yet inviting selection of colours and materials. Lovingly created details such as, e.g., the price tag holders in the shape of a pretzel and uniforms in corresponding colours, perfectly round off the concept.

First experiences could already be gained with the new store design in numerous pilot subsidiaries, among others with the subsidiary in the Mainz Römerpassage. It was opened in its new “look” at the end of August 2013 and has demonstrated an outstanding economic development since then. Since October 2013, all new openings and building alterations are carried out in the new store design.

Also in future, the expansion of the network of subsidiaries will be expedited throughout Germany. The product mix is being developed in a creative manner by taking account of the core competence. Delicious product promotions and exciting marketing campaigns round off the activities.