k kiosk Outlets are Being Renewed as Planned – New Concept is Developing Positively

18.09.2013 / 08:00 /

The Swiss k kiosk outlets have been undergoing renovations since the beginning of the year. With more than 50 new openings or re-openings until the end of September, Valora Retail Switzerland is on track. In the summer months of July and August alone, 22 k kiosk outlets opened their doors in a new design and with a new product offer. The customers' reaction to the modernised outlets and the wide range on offer is positive.

Since the beginning of the year, the Valora Retail Switzerland k kiosk outlets have been undergoing a so-called “overhaul”. The new modern concept is consistently aligned to cater to the needs of mobile customers, and this has led to innovations regarding both the product range and the shop layout. Noticeable is the increased offer of “Food & Drinks”. Here the focus in on the new coffee module, inclusive of fresh pastries, the beverage coolers as well as the k kiosk sandwiches. Thanks to a novel press wall with a customer-friendly presentation of the press titles, the overall merchandise mix competence can be strengthened. Also contributing in underpinning this positive development is an optimised offer of “roll-your-own” tobacco products and the new “services wall”, with a customer-friendly presentation of all services. New product holders, an optimised lighting concept as well as revised shop layouts complete the picture.

The renovation progress of the k kiosk outlets is on schedule. Until the end of September, more than 50 k kiosk outlets will already have been opened in accordance with the new concept. The first evaluation of the new openings or re-openings is encouraging. The projected increase of turnover as well as an improved margin, brought on by the new mix of different products, have been realised in line with expectations. Both the customers as well as employees in the k kiosk outlets express a positive opinion and are happy about the modernised outlets.

Valora Retail Switzerland has set itself the goal of having a total of 100 k kiosk outlets completed in accordance with the modern concept by the end of the year. In 2014, additional 100 k kiosk outlets will follow.