Largest digital signage network in Switzerland has been implemented

23.06.2014 / 10:00 /

The Valora Group and screenFOOD AG have set up the largest digital signage network in Switzerland, with the largest number of locations. Almost 900 k kiosk outlets have been equipped with screens. screenFOOD's software solution enables the animated depiction of contents as well as a location-specific distribution.

Valora Group, a Swiss retail company, is increasingly relying on visual communication via screens (digital signage). From February to May 2014, screens were mounted in almost 900 k kiosk outlets, and the software solution was installed in the background. By means of this, the largest digital signage network to date has been created in the country. "With this project, we have set a milestone in Switzerland in the field of digital communication. Never before has a digital signage solution comprised so many locations," says Pierre Farine, CEO of screenFOOD. The k kiosk outlets vary with regard to their construction and size and, in part, are located in locations that are difficult to access. "This was a real challenge and required particularly systematic project organisation."

Screens as a contemporary advertising platform

Valora evaluated the best-suited partner for the implementation of the project by issuing an invitation to tender. screenFOOD was awarded the tender and, as such, was the general contractor responsible for the digital redesign of the tobacco advertising in the outlets. With the screens in the k kiosk outlets, Valora offers the tobacco suppliers a contemporary and efficient platform for product promotion. By means of this, the cigarette manufacturers can place their promotion measures and advertising directly at the point of sale, thus promoting sales. "With the new digital signage network, we are taking the next step into the future. The screens offer us and our partners exciting new advertising and sales-promoting opportunities at the POS," says Marco Hocke, Managing Director of k kiosk/P&B.

User-friendly software in the background

The Valora Group relies on the digital signage software of screenFOOD AG for administrating the screen contents. The advertising and promotion films are provided by the cigarette manufacturers and recorded in the corresponding Content Management System (CMS) of the digital signage software. This software solution offered by screenFOOD allows the animated presentation of the contents, as well as its location-specific distribution. Thereby, it is ensured that the contents are presented in the national language of the branch location. The screenFOOD software offers Valora the user-specific granting of rights, which allows the independent creation of contents by the tobacco suppliers.