Monstrous: k kiosk is turning 80!

18.08.2014 / 14:00 /

On 25 August, we are unleashing the monsters. We are turning 80 and will celebrate a monstrous party with our customers. During eight weeks, we will give away prizes and offer discounts with a value of more than CHF 80 million.

k kiosk is turning 80 and will celebrate a monstrous party. In cooperation with, k kiosk is launching a contest throughout Switzerland. It skilfully connects the on- and offline world. Unique in its kind in the Swiss retail business. "HOL DIE MONSTER DEALS" combines classic elements such as stickers and collectors' albums with a mobile app and website. Thus monstrous collecting fun is guaranteed. In addition to this, k kiosk's loyal customers will win prizes and discounts with a value of more than CHF 80 million. "A huge thank you to all of our customers," says Marco Hocke, Head of the k kiosk / P&B Business Unit.

"HOL DIE MONSTER DEALS" – now at k kiosk

Already with a purchasing value of CHF 5.00, every k kiosk customer will receive three free stickers. Different colours ensure fun, games and excitement: Green stickers are collected and swapped until a quartet is completed. In this way, offers from about 80 brand partners can be won. Blue stickers guarantee an immediate prize from the attractive k kiosk product range or from one of the approximately 80 brand partners. Unique monster wins are hidden behind the golden stickers, such as cars, trips, motor scooters, e-bikes etc.

All in all, 31.5 million stickers will be given away in the course of eight weeks. In addition to this, k kiosk is selling 300,000 sticker albums. However, participation is also possible without a sticker album: Via a mobile app (free for iOS and Android smartphones) customers can play, swap and win in the digital world. A monstrous adventure – k kiosk has never seen before!

80 years of k kiosk – from a squaller to a mini shopping centre

Sweets, salty snacks, press, beverages, tobacco, books, non-food items, lottery and services: This has been k kiosk for 80 years. A large world in a small space. For millions of people, k kiosk is a place full of small daily joys. Wit, fun and moments of happiness - in keeping with the motto of "treat yourself". With "HOL DIE MONSTER DEALS", and k kiosk invite you to the monster anniversary fireworks.

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