New in Switzerland: Valora launches nicotine supplement for e-cigarettes in k kiosk

13.06.2018 / 09:00 /

All k kiosks, avec and Press & Books sales outlets of Valora in Switzerland, totalling over 1,000 sites, are now offering four InSmoke liquids and, for the first time, a nicotine shot for e-cigarettes. The shots provide a small amount of liquid nicotine to be mixed with the InSmoke liquids.

Valora has been successfully offering e-cigarettes at its Swiss outlets since 2014 and the company has noted rising demand for this alternative to traditional tobacco products. After the Federal Administrative Court lifted the ban on liquids with nicotine content in Switzerland with its ruling that came into force on 24 April 2018, Valora has been expanding its product range.

The company now has four separately-flavoured nicotine-free InSmoke liquids to offer its customers: virginia, menthol, watermelon and maracuja. It is now possible for the first time to add a nicotine shot in the form of a liquid supplement with 20 mg of nicotine to these liquids before inserting them into the e-cigarette. The new e-smoke products are available in all Valora k kiosks, avec and Press & Books sales outlets in Switzerland with immediate effect.

Valora undertakes to only sell these products to persons over the age of 18.