Opening of a unique book and gastronomy space

12.07.2013 / 11:00 /

On the 12 July 2013, a book and gastronomy space opened its doors at Zurich airport. Press&Books and the NZZ Café open up the exciting worlds of reading and gastronomy for passengers, all under one roof, and over more than 400 square meters.

In collaboration with NZZ Café, the literary diversity specialist, Press&Books invites the airport's clientele to while away their waiting time in a relaxing atmosphere with books, newspapers, e-book readers and iPads. The reading lounge, spread over 400 square meters, was created under the direction of the architect Roger J. Copeland and welcomes the clientele with its modern design.

"The opening of the new shop is a milestone in Press&Books' story. After two years of intensive preparation, we have now successfully opened an innovative shop whose unique attributes and high-class design really raise the bar in the book and gastronomy sector", commented Michel Gruber, Sales Manager of k kiosk / Press&Books.

The newest Press&Books shop has a great range to offer all bookworms: crime thrillers, novels, non-fiction business texts, travel guides and magazines in various languages, and even E-book readers.

Customers also benefit from top tips from expert booksellers. The selection is tailored to meet the needs of travellers, with a particularly extensive assortment of foreign-language books available. Souvenirs and gifts are also on offer.

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