Protection of minors – Valora introduces digital age checks for tobacco and alcohol purchases at k kiosk, Press & Books and avec

22.06.2023 / 07:00 / Media release

Valora is rolling out a new scanning system in its kiosk and convenience sales outlets across Switzerland to shore up the prevention of underage sales of tobacco, alcohol and lottery products. A digital age check is simpler and more secure for staff and speeds up the purchasing process. Valora is one of the first retail companies in Switzerland to introduce a solution of this kind.

From now until the end of the year, around 1,100 k kiosk, Press & Books and avec sales outlets across Switzerland will be equipped with new digital age check systems. Service station shops are the only exceptions at present due to system compatibility reasons. 

In the future, customers who want to buy age-restricted products such as tobacco, alcohol or lottery items will be able to voluntarily scan their machine-readable, official IDs themselves at the checkout before paying. Staff are thus immediately and automatically informed whether the sale is permitted or not. The automated check supports staff efficiently and the purchase can be completed more quickly. No personal data is stored during the automated check. 

“We hope that as many customers as possible will make use of this fast digital age check. By fostering a culture where all generations routinely present their IDs, we can enhance our collective ability to protect young people,” explains CEO of Retail at Valora Roger Vogt. 

Valora is one of the first retailers in Switzerland to introduce an electronic age check. The rollout underscores the company’s drive to protect minors. Valora's age verification process that is in place in its k kiosk online tobacco shop also goes beyond the solutions used by its competitors. Valora voluntarily decided to only sell tobacco products to adults from 1 January 2019 and to introduce a minimum age limit of 18 throughout Switzerland. The company had already placed a self-imposed restriction on e-cigarettes during the autumn of 2018.