Sony Pictures, Valora and many other partners to present Smurfland at the Züri Fäscht festival

05.07.2013 / 08:00 /

At the 2013 Züri Fäscht, Sony Pictures and Valora will have a particularly warm welcome waiting for children and their families when they visit the Rentenwiese park on the lakeshore. There, they will find a Smurfland set up on a 4,000 m² site. Visitors to the attraction will be able to engage in a variety of games and activities. The Smurfland will also have its own mobile k kiosk. The event is inspired both by the new “The Smurfs 2” film - coming to cinema screens on July 31, 2013 - and Valora's major new “Murmelmagic” campaign, featuring the collectible Smurf-themed marbles soon to be on sale at all Valora outlets in Switzerland.

At the end of July, Sony Pictures' new film, „The Smurfs 2“, will bring the popular blue characters back to cinema screens. Valora's Swiss retail outlets, meanwhile, will start playing host to the Smurfs a few days earlier. A major new collectible marble campaign, highlighting the new “The Smurfs 2” cinema release, will soon be enthusing Valora's young and not-so-young customers in equal measure.

For Valora customers, the beginning of the Smurf experience will coincide with the 2013 Züri Fäscht, to be held from the 5th to the 7th of July. To mark the occasion, a section of the Rentenwiese park, on the shores of Lake Zurich, will be transformed into a large Smurfland, inviting visitors to explore the fun-filled blue world inhabited by the Smurfs. Children who complete the range of challenges designed for them – which include a bouncy castle, camel riding, picture painting and model building, to name but a few – will be awarded a free Smurf ice cream (which will, of course, be blue). Further attractions, such as a giant Smurf figure, will ensure visitors to the event – which is Switzerland's largest popular festival – will have an unforgettable experience. Under a specially designed giant dome, children and adults alike will be able to try their hand at a variety of marble games. A mobile
k kiosk set up at the entrance to the Rentenwiese park complements the range of attractions Valora will be providing during the Züri Fäscht, where half a million vouchers for the first free marble will also be distributed to visitors. These vouchers can be redeemed at all k kiosk, avec. and Press&Books outlets in Switzerland from July 29 onwards.

Additional information on the “Murmelmagic” collectible-marble campaign will be published at the end of July on:

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