Spettacolo launches Switzerland's first coffee-ordering app

18.11.2015 / 09:00 /

Since Monday, customers at all 34 Spettacolo outlets have been able to use a new app to pre-order their coffee. Customers pay by smartphone, from a prepaid account. Every time they load funds onto their accounts, they also benefit from an additional 10% bonus credit.

Thanks to Spettacolo's new coffee-ordering app, launched on Monday, waiting in line for that morning coffee is now a thing of the past. This is the first app of its kind to be launched in Switzerland. It allows customers to specify precisely when they will be collecting their order. In a few simple clicks, customers can order anything from the entire standard range offered by Spettacolo – be it a cappuccino, or a croissant or focaccia. They can also specify their preferred coffee roast – light, medium or dark. Because payment is made when the order is placed, customers do not need to wait to collect their orders. The new app is available for free download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Customers preferring to place their orders at the Spettacolo counter as before can also benefit from the app's cashless mobile-payment features. The app is based on a prepaid account. Loading credit to an account could not be simpler. Payment can either be made via the app using a credit card or at any Spettacolo outlet, in cash or by debit or credit card. Every time customers load credit onto their prepaid accounts, Spettacolo grants them an additional bonus credit of 10%. Thus, when a customer loads 100 francs onto his account, Spettacolo credits him with 110 francs.

In launching its new app, Spettacolo is responding to the limited time often available to its customers when they are on the move. A key advantage for Spettacolo customers is that they can pre-order coffee, food and beverages at their leisure. Thus, even if they have short lunch breaks or limited time between trains or buses, they can collect their orders without having to wait. The cashless-payment feature meets another important customer need. The Beacon technology used in the app supports rapid, secure payment from both iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the new app, drinking a coffee at Spettacolo will now be even more enjoyable! The feedback from an initial customer survey has been uniformly positive. As one customer commented, “Being able to pre-order really is a big advantage, and the app is very easy to use.”

Spettacolo has worked with Netcetera to develop the app, test it and roll it out to all its outlets. Special tablets have been installed at the outlets to receive the orders. In future, this new technology will be deployed to support additional innovations across the Valora Group.