Swisscom Mobile Aid: donate your old mobile to

12.11.2012 / 11:00 /

Swisscom, Valora and "SOS Children's Villages" are collecting mobiles for a good cause with their Mobile Aid campaign. Old mobiles that are no longer needed can be handed in to any k kiosk or Swisscom shop between 12 and 30 November. The proceeds from reselling these still functional mobiles will go to support a school project run by "SOS Children's Villages". If more than 100,000 mobiles are handed in, Swisscom will donate an additional CHF 500,000.

Today there are an estimated 8 million unused mobile phones lying around in drawers in people's homes. Swisscom, Valora and "SOS Children's Villages" would like to change this and transform those old mobiles into a useful donation with the Swisscom Mobile Aid campaign from 12 to 30 November. If you would like to help the campaign, you can hand in your old mobile phone at any Swisscom shop or Swiss k kiosk. The devices will be sorted and carefully prepared for resale at Réalise, an organisation that helps people return to work. During this process all of the personal data will be deleted and any faulty mobiles will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way in Switzerland. Mobiles that still work will then be resold on the international second-hand mobile market. The proceeds from the mobiles we sell will give one thousand children at an "SOS Children's Villages" school in Harar, Ethiopia, a sound education and with it the basis for a successful future.

The aim of the campaign is to collect as many mobiles for this good cause as possible, because the proceeds from just one phone can buy exercise books and pens for 25 pupils. So please empty your drawers, collect any mobiles you no longer use and hand them in to a Swisscom shop or k kiosk – all for a good cause. If we can collect more than 100,000 mobiles during the course of the campaign, Swisscom will donate an additional CHF 500,000 to "SOS Children's Villages". The campaign is also being supported by Bertrand Piccard, Linda Fäh and "SOS Children's Villages" ambassadors Francine Jordi, Stéphane Lambiel and Patrick Rohr.

Since 2007, Swisscom has been collecting unused mobiles for good causes at all of the Swisscom shops, and will continue to do so after the campaign has ended. Swisscom Mobile Aid is part of Swisscom's broad commitment to the environment and to society. Valora is proud to be promoting the sustainable disposal of used mobiles and to be supporting "SOS Children's Villages" thanks to its over 900 k kiosks.