Swisscom SIM cards now also available at Valora points of sale

03.10.2018 / 10:30 /

Fast, uncomplicated and flexible. Swisscom joined forces with Valora in January 2018 to launch the new Swisscom easy point service channel. The service allowing customers to collect routers and Swisscom TV boxes at many Valora sales outlets has now been expanded to include Swisscom SIM cards. The SIM card service has been available since the beginning of October 2018 and will be expanded to all of the 1,000-plus points of sale of k kiosk, Press & Books and avec by mid-November.

Swisscom easy point is really simple: customers can choose the option «self-collection» for their online order for their Swisscom product. After concluding the order, they will receive an SMS or e-mail with a personal collection ticket. Then they simply need to take this to the nearest Valora point of sale (k kiosk, Press & Books or avec) with a Swisscom easy point and collect the ordered material directly.

Until now, the «self-collection» option was only available at some Valora points of sale and for selected product groups such as routers, Swisscom TV boxes and fibre kits. Swisscom SIM cards have also been available at Swisscom easy points since the beginning of October 2018. The SIM card service will be expanded to all Valora's 1,000-plus points of sale by mid-November. SIM cards are activated directly at the point of sale and can then be used immediately.

Fast and uncomplicated

«We're very pleased to be able to offer another new service with Swisscom's SIM card in our dense network of sales outlets in Switzerland,» says Oliver Kneier, Swisscom easy point project manager at Valora. Maria Randazzo, Swisscom project manager, says: «It's a nuisance if use of your mobile phone is restricted due to your SIM card being defective or lost. As of now we can offer our customers a fast solution: the SIM card is replaced and activated directly at one of Valora's many points of sale – fast and uncomplicated.»

Further services are planned

The Swisscom easy point service launched by Valora and Swisscom in January 2018 has proven its worth. Some 25,000 customers have collected a Swisscom router, TV box or fibre kit from a Valora point of sale. «The use of this service has outstripped our expectations,» says Oliver Kneier. «Customers are making active use of this service until late at night and also on weekends.»Swisscom and Valora will continue to expand their cooperation in the coming months to offer additional services.