Valora and Cornèrcard launch ok.– prepaid MasterCard

10.12.2012 / 07:00 /

Valora, in conjunction with Cornèrcard, is launching a new ok.- prepaid MasterCard. This represents a further extension to the range of services available to customers at Valora’s k kiosk and Press & Books outlets. The ok.- prepaid MasterCard provides Valora customers with a secure, simple and efficient means of shopping. Up to CHF 2,500 per year can be loaded on to each card.

Prepaid means paid in advance
The prepaid concept widely used for mobile phones also applies to the ok.- prepaid MasterCard jointly operated by Valora and Cornèrcard. Before the card is first used an initial amount needs to be loaded onto it. Customers can do this at any of the 1,000-odd k kiosk and Press & Books outlets Valora operates in Switzerland. The maximum amount which can be loaded on to a single card is limited to CHF 2,500 per year.

Three easy steps to getting an ok.- prepaid MasterCard
The process is simple - buy an ok.- prepaid MasterCard at any k kiosk or Press & Books outlet, load an amount onto it straight away and then register the new card online. No charges are levied for the first card loading.

The key advantages of the ok.- prepaid MasterCard
With an ok.- prepaid MasterCard, customers can pay for their purchases easily cashless. Individual cardholders can determine for themselves how much they want to load onto their cards. The process of getting a new card has been designed to be as simple as possible. When buying a card, customers do not even need to fill in a form, thus saving themselves valuable time.

Initial issue to over-18s only, but available for use by younger customers
Anyone aged 14 or older is entitled to make cashless purchases using an ok.- prepaid MasterCard. Young people aged 14 or above can also load additional amounts onto these cards. The initial purchase and activation of each card must however be carried out by an adult – i.e. someone aged 18 or older.

Good quality at a good price always ok
The ok.- brand is owned by Valora. Valora uses the ok.- brand to market a range of useful products and services that help to make every day special. While ok.- energy drinks are probably the bestknown ok.- product line, the brand has already been an established provider of services for some years now, through its ok.- mobile phone offering.