Valora at HackZurich 2016 – strong interest for Retail and Valora

05.10.2016 / 15:10 /

Retail hasn't changed much in the past 100 years and brick and mortars still represent more than 93% of where people spend their money. However, retail is not immune to disruption. Technology is already having a profound impact on how people shop pushing retailers to amplify their use of technology to build more convenient and personalized shopping experiences.

For the second time, Valora was thrilled to participate in HackZurich in partnership with Scandit and Siroop. The goal was to challenge the attendees to create the future of commerce using the latest technologies. In typical Hackathon fashion, the event brought together more than 550 participants, including developers, graphic designers, and interface designers.

More than 19 teams submitted a prototype related to retail and came to our booth to present their work.