Valora Holding AG’s General Meeting of shareholders approve all Board recommendations

19.04.2012 / 17:30 /

  • 2011 financial statements and CHF 11.50 per share dividend approved
  • Acceptance of remuneration report
  • All Board members confirmed

319 shareholders or their representatives attended Valora Holding AG’s Ordinary General
Meeting in Basle. Shareholders attending in person, together with those whose shares were represented by the independent shareholders’ representative, the representatives of custodian banks and the company itself, accounted for a total of 1’267’723 of Valora Holding AG’s voting shares.

On all agenda items, the General Meeting approved the recommendations made by the Board of Directors. Details of the voting on the individual agenda items and in the election of Board members can be found on (

2011 financial statements and CHF 11.50 per share dividend approved
The General Meeting approved the financial statements for 2011. The Board’s proposed distribution of CHF 11.50 per share entitled to dividends was also approved and will take place on April 26, 2012.

Acceptance of remuneration report
The General Meeting approved in a consultative vote the remuneration report of Valora Holding AG.

All Board members confirmed

Since 2008, the company’s articles of incorporation have stipulated that Board members are elected at each General Meeting for a term of office of one year. All current members of the Board of Directors stood for re-election, and the General Meeting elected Messrs. Rolando Benedick, Markus Fiechter, Franz Julen, Conrad Löffel and Bernhard Heusler for further oneyear
terms of office, to run until the 2013 General Meeting.