Valora initiates significant cooperation with innovative social-commerce agency Dealini (Schweiz) AG

09.12.2014 / 10:00 /

Valora takes 40% equity stake in Dealini (Schweiz) AG, a social-commerce agency specialising in combined online and offline marketing solutions. The transaction scope not only encompasses a strategic collaboration between the two companies but will also result in Valora being represented on Dealini (Schweiz) AG's board of directors. Both parties have agreed that further details of the transaction will remain confidential.

Dealini (Schweiz) AG was established in 2011. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors through its marketing strategy, which playfully combines the online and offline worlds. The range of product and service promotions, and the attractive range of packages the company offers, provide major brands with an efficient means of promoting themselves and reaching a broad audience. Thanks to the high level of brand awareness delivers, brands and specific offerings can market themselves very efficiently in both the online and offline environments.

Valora and Dealini (Schweiz) AG are convinced that this particular segment of the e-commerce spectrum offers significant and as-yet-unexploited market potential. This was what prompted the two companies, on August 25, 2014, to launch their largest-ever marketing campaign, “HOL DIE MONSTER DEALS” (in English, “GRAB THOSE MONSTER DEALS”), to mark the 80th anniversary of k kiosk. Over a period of several weeks, this promotion allowed k kiosk customers to play for a chance to win prizes and discounts worth an aggregate CHF 80 million. The collaboration agreement between Valora and encompasses plans for further broad-based campaigns of this kind. In the words of Michael Mueller, Valora's CEO, “This partnerships provides Valora's ideally located, heavily frequented outlets with an ideal opportunity to join forces with Dealini's innovative online offerings, thus enabling both companies to benefit from the potential of this highly promising new market.”