Valora issues CHF 200 million of 2.50% 6-year straight bonds (2012-2018)

01.02.2012 / 17:30 /

Valora Holding AG (Valora) today issued CHF 200 million of 6-year bonds bearing a coupon 2.5%. The bonds, which mature on March 2, 2018, were underwritten at an issue price, before fees, of 100.626% by a syndicate of banks jointly lead-managed by Credit Suisse AG and UBS AG.

The transaction will serve partly to refinance Valora’s outstanding bond issue and partly to provide long-term financing for the Group’s operations and its Valora 4 Growth expansion strategy. As Lorenzo Trezzini, Valora’s Chief Financial Officer, commented, „Issuing these bonds also enables Valora not only to benefit from the favourable capital market conditions prevailing at present but also to diversify its sources of funding“.