Valora launches new Smurf-inspired „Murmelmagic“ campaign

26.07.2013 / 11:00 /

Following up on its „My Switzerland“ picture-card collection, Valora is now launching a new collectibles campaign, „Murmelmagic” (Marble Magic). For eight weeks from next Monday, the universally popular Smurfs will be appearing at all Valora's k kiosk, avec. and Press&Books outlets in Switzerland.

Sony Pictures' „The Smurfs 2“ film will bring the popular blue characters back to cinema screens. To mark the occasion, Valora will play host to the Smurfs at all its Swiss k kiosk, avec. and Press&Books shops. As part of a large-scale collectibles campaign, Valora customers will be given a free Smurf-themed marble for every purchase they make worth CHF 10 or more. The marbles will sport a total of 24 different Smurf motifs and will be available in six individual colours – enough to stimulate the collector's instincts in young and old alike. Smurf marbles will also be available for purchase at a cost of CHF 1 each. In addition, Valora's outlets will have a range of other Smurf products on offer, such as collection bags, collection cases featuring a special Smurf game and Smurf soft toys.

The special new “Murmelmagic” promotion will begin on July 29. For the next eight weeks, the Smurf marbles will take centre stage at Valora's retail outlets in Switzerland. Attractions will include marble-swapping marketplaces, where Smurf fans can meet to exchange marbles. Those trying their luck at a wheel of fortune have a chance of winning film posters, cinema tickets or Smurf marbles. Even the outlets themselves will be given a temporary Smurf makeover, whose features will include a giant Smurf, five metres in height, who will be visiting the outlets. Valora's k kiosk Facebook fan page will provide continuous information on forthcoming activities and offerings.

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