Valora launches the FrEAK chocolate bar by Swiss chocolatier Oro de Cacao onto the market

04.09.2023 / 07:00 / Media release

As of 4 September 2023, the FrEAK chocolate bar by Oro de Cacao is available for sale exclusively in all avec, k kiosk and Press & Books outlets in Switzerland. Valora is meeting the growing demand for fair and organically produced, high-quality products as well as offering quality local snacks with lower sugar content by stocking Yello singer Dieter Meier’s chocolate.

Valora is adding FrEAK chocolate to its food range, thus expanding its offering for everyone who attaches great importance to fair and organically made products. FrEAK is a snack for people on the move and therefore compatible with the trend towards a more considered diet. There are white and dark chocolate 40g bars available.

Yello singer and entrepreneur Dieter Meier is the man behind Oro de Cacao. He believes natural ingredients form the basis of a good diet and he consistently applies this philosophy to his own chocolate: “I’m a chocolate Freak! How about you? Taste it to believe it. Go for the pure!” All the ingredients of the FrEAK bar are natural and the cacao beans are certified fair trade and organic. 

Valora promotes new food technologies and would like to offer Swiss producers a platform for their innovations. Oro de Cacao is a pioneering chocolatier and processes cacao beans in Freienbach, Switzerland using an extraction process at low temperatures that is unique throughout the world. Chocolate made this way does not consist mainly of bitter substances, even with a high cacao content. 

That means a lot less sugar is used than needed for conventional chocolate and the cacao flavours are stronger. Complete enjoyment, free of unnecessary sugar and aroma additives.