Valora opens six new outlets at Zurich's new Löwenstrasse railway station

16.06.2014 / 10:30 /

The new Löwenstrasse section of Zurich's main railway station today saw the inauguration of no fewer than six new Valora outlets. The k kiosk format is represented by two new stores, while the avec., Spettacolo, Spettacolino and LE CROBAG concepts opened one new unit each. Over the next two weeks, Valora will be running a special competition to celebrate the opening of these new units.

Over the last few years, 16 metres below platforms 4 to 9 at Zurich's main railway station, construction work on the new Löwenstrasse station has been proceeding apace. The new station, which forms the central hub of Zurich's new "Durchmesserlinie", or cross-city railway line, went into operation for the first time this weekend, as did its brand new shopping area. With the addition of the new Löwenstrasse section, Zurich's main railway station has now become one of the largest shopping centres in Switzerland. Valora is well represented, with several retail units.

Valora has opened six of these outlets at the new Löwenstrasse station – two k kiosks and one outlet each for the avec., Spettacolo, Spettacolino and LE CROBAG formats. The new units will enable Valora further to strengthen its leading position in small-outlet retail at heavily frequented sites. By offering five distinct retail concepts – from the popular k kiosk, to the avec. convenience store and the LE CROBAG takeaway bakery, not to mention the Italian-themed Spettacolo coffee bar and Spettacolino, its smaller-scale cousin – Valora is well placed to meet the needs of all its individual customers. Simply, rapidly and without them having to go far out of their way.

Valora is celebrating the opening of its new retail units in style. Under the HB Underground Trailbanner, it has set up an intriguing trail of competition clues running up and down the new station. To participate in the main raffle draw, all you need to do is correctly identify three codes at three of the new Valora outlets. There are some fabulous prizes to be won, such as a Boa Lingua residential language course in San Diego, a Chris Diamond bike and an ok.- prepaid MasterCard. And that is not all, every participant automatically qualifies for an instant prize. So keep your eyes open and start looking for those clues!

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