Valora reports flying start for the new ok.- prepaid MasterCard

25.01.2013 / 16:00 /

At the end of 2012, Valora Retail and Cornèrcard jointly launched the ok.- prepaid MasterCard. These cards added an innovative new service to those already on offer at Valora's k kiosk and Press & Books outlets. The success the cards have achieved since their launch clearly demonstrates that they meet a genuine customer need. Valora and its Cornèrcard and MasterCard partners are delighted with the results generated so far.

On December 10, 2012, Valora and Cornèrcard jointly launched the new ok.- prepaid MasterCard at all k kiosk and Press & Books outlets in Switzerland. Since then, the new service has enjoyed a high degree of popularity, surpassing the expectations placed in it by Valora, Cornèrcard and MasterCard. In a very short time, these new prepaid MasterCards, available exclusively at Valora's nationwide k kiosk and Press & Books outlets, have been successfully and profitably introduced throughout Switzerland.

The ok.- prepaid MasterCard is the first card of its kind which can be purchased and loaded at a retail outlet. Once they have been registered online at, these prepaid MasterCards are activated and can be used immediately. A maximum of CHF 2,500 can be loaded onto each card annually. In addition to offering the usual cashless payment functions, the new cards can also be used for contactless payments over short distances.

In launching the ok.- prepaid MasterCard, Valora has succeeded in adding an attractive new item to its popular ok.- product range, thus providing all k kiosk and Press & Books outlets in Switzerland with an additional innovative product to offer their customers.