Valora's ok.- products go on sale at Naville in French-speaking Switzerland

15.05.2015 / 11:00 /

Valora's ok.- brand continues its success story, as the popular ok.- products go on sale in French-speaking Switzerland as of today. From May 15, 2015, most Naville outlets will be offering their customers three types of ok.- energy, as well as ok.- cola energy and ok.- beer.

Valora's ok.- private-label brand is writing a new chapter in its success story. From May 15, 2015, ok.- products will be on sale at more than 100 outlets in the Naville network, which Valora has owned since the beginning of March 2015. Initially, the offering will comprise three ok.- energy drinks (Classic, Zero and Mango), as well as ok.- cola energy and ok.- beer. These products will be available at Naville, Relay, Hubiz and Naville Café Presse outlets. Additional products will be introduced from June 2015, supported by a range of dedicated advertising initiatives.

The ok.- brand was first launched in German and Italian-speaking Switzerland in 2009. Since then, the brand has established a strong and successful market presence and its products are enjoyed by millions of customers each year, who appreciate its good product quality and fair pricing. Annual sales of ok.- energy drink classic, for example, have now reached nearly 20 million cans. Today, the ok.- product range encompasses some 50 further products in the food, beverage, services and non-food categories. The ok.- Facebook fansite is one of the most popular of its kind in Switzerland, thus ensuring that ok.- also has a strong social-media following.

Over the next year, Valora's objective is to offer a significantly wider range of ok.- products to the 150,000 or so customers who visit its outlets in French-speaking Switzerland each day, thus achieving a significant milestone following the company's acquisition of Naville.