Valora to expand its existing financial-services offering – Talks with Cantonal Bank of Glarus on digitalisation of financial services under way

17.06.2015 / 14:00 /

As already announced in spring 2015, Valora is further expanding the range of financial services it offers. To that end, the Valora Group and the Cantonal Bank of Glarus (GLKB) are currently engaged in talks regarding possible cooperation in the field of financial-services digitalisation. The aim of these negotiations is to expand the range of financial services currently offered by Valora. A new Valora subsidiary has been established for this purpose, with a particular focus on various types of online financial services, including credit-related offerings. Financing would be provided by the GLKB. Through its nationwide outlet network in Switzerland, Valora is already successfully delivering a range of financial services to its customers. These include, among others, money transfer, ok.- prepaid cards and paysafe offerings.