Valora works with Silicon Valley-based tech start-up AiFi on a new kiosk concept

13.02.2019 / 15:00 /

Valora is partnering with Silicon Valley-based tech start-up AiFi. Using an auto-checkout technology developed by AiFi, Valora aims to launch a new retail format in Switzerland – the k kiosk box. Initially designed as a test, the shop concept aims to make shopping even more convenient and will be deployed in locations where previously there had been no or very few convenience shopping offerings.

Valora and AiFi intend to enter into a partnership to develop a new small retail format – the k kiosk box. It is based on the fully automated NanoStore concept which the American tech start-up recently presented to the public at the annual conference of the National Retail Federation in New York. The auto-checkout solution powering this new concept is based on Artificial Intelligence, edge computing and scalable sensor fusion technology.

Equipped with the k kiosk box app, customers will be able to walk into the store, pick up the products from the shelves and leave – without having to wait at all. Unlike Valora's planned convenience concept avec box which will be launched in spring 2019 and where the shopping process also uses an app, customers will not have to scan the products when shopping in the k kiosk box, speeding up the process even further.

For under-served locations

The k kiosk box concept will allow Valora to operate kiosk stores at locations where previously there had been no or very few convenience shopping offerings. The first k kiosk box with auto-checkout technology is scheduled to be opened in Switzerland by the end of 2019 and has been designed as a trial run. Before this takes place, an extensive assessment of compliance with all aspects of Swiss data protection laws will be carried out.

The location of the first k kiosk box will be announced in due course. The k kiosk box is intended to remain open for as long as permitted by law or the landlord – ideally on a 24/7 basis. The new shop is expected to measure approximately 20 square metres and offer the standard kiosk range plus fresh food products.

A smooth shopping experience

“We are excited to develop this new shopping experience,” says Roger Vogt, CEO Retail at Valora, on the collaboration with AiFi. “With the k kiosk box, we are taking convenience to the next level making it easier and faster for customers to get what they need.”

“Thanks to this collaboration with Valora, we will bring the AiFi NanoStore to locations where customers will now be able to benefit from easy access to convenience products and we are also helping Valora to meet the growing customer demand for a modern store,” explains Steve Gu, CEO and co-founder of AiFi. “As the NanoStore was built with modularity in mind, Valora will be able to use the concept for the k kiosk box and adapt it to the needs of Swiss customers.”

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