World Cup live quiz with Christa Rigozzi – the coolest game is at half-time

12.06.2018 / 09:00 /

A live quiz via app and presented live by prominent personalities – this innovation is being offered by Valora to football fans in Switzerland during the 2018 World Cup. The “WER WEISS?” game in the k kiosk app not only offers fans good entertainment, but also the chance to win fantastic instant and grand prizes worth CHF 3 million.

Valora offers the best half-time entertainment of the 2018 World Cup. The “WER WEISS?” (“Who knows” in English) quiz offers fans the chance to answer questions live via the k kiosk app and the chance to win a grand prize as well as many instant prizes. The quiz is presented live via video stream by a celebrity, such as Christa Rigozzi (presenter and ex-Miss Switzerland), Gilbert Gress (SRF football pundit, ex-footballer and coach), Fabienne Wernly (radio presenter), Jonathan Schächter (radio presenter) and Stephan Meier (ex-beach soccer professional).

The questions extend beyond football to other subjects involving the participating nations. Whoever answers the first three questions correctly receives a digital voucher for a free product from a k kiosk. A countdown obliges the players to decide quickly or risk elimination. Two more questions follow before a guesstimate decides the day's winner, who can look forward to a great selection of prizes, such as a Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, power wheel, multimedia loudspeaker or a wide range of gift vouchers. Valora and its partners are contributing prizes to the value of CHF 3 million.

Play live with the stars via app – a first for Switzerland

The combination of competition, live presentation and interaction all in one app is a first for Switzerland. Presenters can react directly to developments and fans' answers and congratulate the day's winner in person. It's also a novelty for the stars. “I'm greatly looking forward to presenting by video stream and I'm sure 'WER WEISS?' will provide football fans with excitement, entertainment and laughs during half-time”, says Christa Rigozzi. Valora is bridging the analogue-digital divide through this game (available through the k kiosk app) by offering its customers the opportunity to share in the excitement.

This is how it works

“WER WEISS?” runs during every half-time in French and German. Participation is by registration in the k kiosk app (iOS/App Store or Android/Google Play). The game also requires an internet connection. 3G reception is the minimum requirement for video livestream. The picture will disappear automatically with a slower connection, but it will still be possible to answer questions. The app will always display the time window for the next games and the grand prizes on offer.